Friday, July 10, 2009

It's Summer! Bring out those indoor plants!

Finally done your Montreal move? Lucky enough to have snagged a balcony or even a deck? Green it up! While potted geraniums and hanging baskets of fuschias or bacopas scream classic summer, nothing is stopping you from letting your indoor plants breathe some fresh air. Actually, there are lots of varieties of flowering plants and green plants that will flourish outdoors, and beautify your patio table or balcony.

To add a touch of green to your outdoor space, try something with decorative foliage such as the Aralia, the Dracaena, a Schefflera or even a Euphorbia cactus, the latter being particularly good for very sunny areas, and resistant to drying out (not that dry, hot, sunny weather has been a problem this year). For a touch of color, try a flowering Azalea, Kalanchoe, or Bromeliad.

Send your indoor plants on an outdoor vacation during the summer! They've got you covered in any season!