Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Flower Of The Week: Gladiola

This week we will talk about Gladiolas, our flower of the week and an ideal choice for all year round.

Gladiolas, or Gladiolus, are also known as the sword lily for the unique and long shape of their leaves. They come in a variety of colours including purple, orange, chartreuse and many more!

This beautiful flower can be the symbol of strength and infatuation. So, if you fell in love at first sight, Gladioli are the perfect flowers for that special person.

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Yellow Gladiolas at The Flower Pot

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Pineapple Vase

Today, we decided to do something different; something fun! During our daily routine on Pinterest, posting and repining pictures, we came across a floral arrangement that included a pineapple as a vase. We fell in love right away and could not wait to use it as an inspiration. 

Our floral designer was just as excited as we were when we told her our idea. All we needed was a pineapple, flowers and our beautiful imagination.  

So, here is our final product. We hope you will love it just as much as we do! It is the perfect arrangement for a summer party.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Flower Of The Week: Mini Calla Lilies

Last week we talked about the Surbonne Lilies and also explained to you a little bit about the Lilies' family.

The name Calla Lily comes from the Greek Calla which means "the most beautiful".

This week it is all about the Mini Calla Lilies. This small version of Calla Lilies can also be called Coloured Calla Lilies for the obvious reason: their bright and beautiful colours. This is what differs the Mini Calla Lilies from regular Calla Lilies. 

Visit us and get a free Mini Calla Lily when you walk into our boutique this week!

Mini Calla Lilies at The Flower Pot 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Flower Of The Week: The Sorbonne Lilies

This week we are going to talk about Lilies, this beautiful flower that can put a smile on anyone's face!

The Lily name comes from the name Lilium, which refers to true. They are the symbol of purity and royalty. However, there are many types of Lilies such as Stargazer, Siberia, Robina, Yelloween and many more. Today, we are focusing on the Sorbonne Lilies.

The Sorbonne Lilies, or Oriental Lilies, are known for their trumpet format and bright colours. They are enormous flowers with an amazing smell! In oour opinion, they are the most beautiful pink Oriental Lilies.

Besides being so beautiful, the Oriental Lily has another great benefit. Its oil can be used for baths, massages and as a facial moisturizer. However, be very careful if you are a cat lover. They can be poisonous to your little kitty!

Oriental Lilies or Surbonne Lilies at The Flower Pot
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

June, The Month Of Roses

June is the month of roses! Red roses have been the symbol of love and beauty for a long, long time. This beautiful flower is one of the biggest international symbols and this month was all about them!

The month is already heading to its end, but there is still time to give a rose to a loved one. Here are some of the gorgeous arrangements and bouquets with roses that we offer.

Check out our website for more details and other arrangements http://www.theflowerpot.com/

Two dozen roses in a vase.
An hour, A rose

Rose bouquet of 12 romantic roses.
Roses For You

Roses in a clear glass rose bowl.
Roses In A Bowl

Half dozen roses in a rose bouquet.
Long Statement Beauty