Friday, July 03, 2009

A Few Reasons to Send Flowers

Everybody knows when they are "supposed" to send flowers - Mother's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. But with so many gift options available to you - is there still a reason to send flowers? We may be biased here but our answer is a resounding yes. Georgianne Vinicombe of Monday Morning Flower & Balloon Co. gets it right: "'Why send flowers?' you may wonder. Flowers create memories. They attack all the senses at once. Color, fragrance and sentiment on a card."
Flowers can create, augment and express emotions. We send or receive them in emotional moments. These moments call for extra beauty - and the beauty of nature is universal. When you add a card to this - the combination of blooms and heartfelt words can be very powerful.
From a more lighthearted perspective, flowers create smiles and uplift moods. A recent study at a prestigious university hospital has confirmed that participants in the study reported feeling happier and more energetic after looking at flowers first thing in the morning!
There is no better way to send your feelings to somebody - or to send an instant mood boost!


Georgianne and Kevin Vinicombe said...

Hey! Thanks for including me in your blog. Flowers make a great gift, it's wonderful to see another blog about how nice (and easy) it is to send flowers as a gift.

Georgianne Vinicombe said...

Thanks for including my quote in your blog. It's wonderful to see another florist talk about how nice (and easy) it is to send flowers as a gift.

Sprout said...

Yes! Flowers are for more than special occasions! We need to remind everyone that even a small bloom brings beauty and well being.