Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's NEW at the Animal Farm

Our stuffed animals section has just undergone a major upgrade, now offering a wider range of products than ever before. You’ll find items from $15 to $125, so that no matter what your budget you’re sure to find something special.

The animal farm at The Flower Pot is unlike any stuffed animal store in Montreal. Where else would you find dragons and camels playing together? Each animal has its own unique personality and name to match, like the playful Punky the Cat or charming Romeo the Monkey. Big and small, we have it all, from large stuffed animals such as Buster the Big Bear to the small and dainty Clea the Cat.

“No animal adoption before its time” – that’s our motto. That’s why each animal is issued an authenticated adoption certificate in your recipient’s name. It’s just one way that we stand above and beyond other stuffed animal stores in Montreal.