Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Giddy about Glads

If you feel like the summer is nearly over… Don’t get sad, get Glads!
Gladiolus is the flower for the month of August. A lovely bouquet or vase of glads makes for a fantastic gift for August birthdays and anniversaries. Gladioli offer a wide range of colours from near black to white, with just about every conceivable shade in between. Glads add punch and verticality to floral arrangements, however a simple fresh cut bouquet of either multicoloured or one colour of glads is elegant in its fresh simplicity.

We’re mad about Glads right now! Come by our store to see our rainbow of glads or pay us a visit online to order the flower of the month!

Little known fact: The correct spelling and pronunciation is Gladiolus and not gladiolas. Another one of those funny Latin words that changes; to Gladioli in the plural form.