Monday, May 05, 2008

Flowers for mother's day ... again?!

Mother’s Day is coming – yes, the time when we want to show a special attention to our mother but don’t always know what to give. Motherhood is all about the practical stuff – for mother’s day, why not give something that’s all about pleasure?

Call us biased, but we think flowers are perfect! There are flowers and flowering plants for all tastes and all budgets, they fit in any home and they are 100% gift. No wonder, then, if flowers are always a popular gift for mother’s day!

Before ordering, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your mom’s favourite flowers? Are there any flowers whose colours, shape or smell she really likes? Roses, orchids and lilies are always favourites.
  • Would your mom prefer flowers or a flowering plant?
  • Does you mom already have vases or should you send one? You might prefer to send flowers in a vase so she doesn’t need to worry about arranging them. Floral arrangements are also easy to handle and to care for.
  • Will she be at home on mother’s day, or should you send the flowers in advance?


Anonymous said...

Traditionally flowor has been the gifts for mother... i think now a day gifts basket also can be for mother as well. The most important thing is all mother are happy.

Dragonfly Flowers said...

Flowers are still a great gift for Mother's Day! Mom's always love the thought of adding some pretty flowers to their table!

Winnipeg Mothers Day Flowers