Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Movembering till Christmas

Halloween is over and everyone is looking forward to the Christmas holidays, and vacation. In the meantime though, Movember is in full swing. During this month, moustachioed men raise money for prostate cancer and male mental health initiatives. Besides the mustaches, what's not to like?

The way it works is men start out on November 1st with a clean-shaven face. They get themselves sponsors and over the month they groom and wax their upper lip hair into a mustache worthy of Hercules Poirot. The money raised goes directly to programs run by Movember, and by Prostate Cancer Canada.

The statistics are a little on the scary side. Canada's Movember website says that apart from living on average six years less than women, more than five men die prematurely each hour from potentially preventable illnesses.

The goal? Raising awareness. Ignorance might be bliss but it doesn't help you fight the problem. The Flower Pot is behind this initiative 100%. Our delivery guy Stefan is movembering, and the fruit of his labour is growing in nicely. Since most of us in the shop are women supporting the cause, we are considered to be Mo Sistas apparently. It's a good thing we aren't expected to grow mustaches. I suspect that would be disgusting.

During the pre-Christmas slump, we have a beauty of a water bouquet on sale. When you order online type in Bulle2012 to get your 20% discount.

If you're one of those early Christmas shoppers, check out our Christmas section which is already up and running on our website under the heading "Holidays".

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