Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hurricane Sandy is ushering in this very scary Halloween season. In Montreal it's dark, and wet, and the whistling winds sweep swirls of dead leaves into the air and make the overhanging trees sway eerily. Every now and again the lights flicker as Frankenstorm beats at front doors and rattles electrical wires all across the city. People have decorated their homes with swaths of spider webs, and spooky Jack-O'-Lanterns that seem to follow you with their fiery eyes as you pass by. Who knows what is creeping up behind you out of the darkness of the night?

Tomorrow on All Hallow's Eve young children will dress up and come knocking on your door hoping they won't have to trick you if you don't treat them. They might have frightening costumes, but they are as scared of you as you are of them because, for one night only, you are a zombie. 

Your spooky neighborhood Montreal Florist has found you easy and cheap but frightening Halloween costume solutions on YouTube. Happy Halloween...