Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sing to your flowers

For a while there has been some debate as to what type of music should be playing in our store. We've been listening to some lovely classical music, but Herbert is looking to update the cliché flower shop music.

There's a reason florists play classical sounds for their flowers. According to a 1973 research project described on,  plants get sick and tiny when exposed to rock music, but plants that listen to classical or jazz music grow well and turn toward the music as they would turn to sunlight.

According to that same study, there's also a link between the amount of music listened and the health of the plant. Those that are exposed to music for three hours every day grow better than those that aren't. The ones for which music is played during eight hours a day died within two weeks!

Given that jazz is also a viable option that will make our plants flourish, here is an online radio station that play other equally soothing musical styles.

Fip Radio is a French radio station that plays tons of jazz, some soul, some funk, some folk rock, and chansons françaises.

We think the diversity is good for us and for the plants. Who doesn't need a little shaking up now and then?
Stop by our store at 1340 Notre Dame Ouest to listen with us, visit our website, or call 514-938-1234 so we can help you find a musically enhanced flower for yourself or someone else.


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