Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010: Sunday, February 14th

Valentine's Day: holy celebration for a Roman martyr? Invented by medieval poet Geoffrey Chaucer? A good time to be shot with an arrow by a man-child in a diaper? Who cares?! We love Valentine's day simply because it's a great excuse to tell somebody you love them. Nothing feels greater than that.

We speak many languages at The Flower Pot, so if you're having some fluency issues in Love, we can help you out. If you're a classic, you'll love our dozen red roses in a box. If your sweetie has a sweet tooth, our handmade chocolates are your solution. Is she a cuddler? The choice is obvious.

Not on the above list? You must be creative! Our Rose Kiss special allows you to put your own message on our high-quality coffee mug - up to 15 words. Nestled inside is an arrangement with a single red rose. Pack this personalized punch for only $29.95. Send it to her workplace for ultimate impact the week before V-Day: she can display the flowers, and later be reminded of your love every time she takes a sip of coffee or tea. But beware: colleagues may become jealous!