Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday 2009 Decorating Ideas

The holidays have crept up on us once again! Many of you, like us, have holiday decorating on your minds. Here are my top 5 tips for 2009!

1. White/Silver: white-hot color trends lend a very winter-wonderland look. Add white and silver accents to your tree and table. Glitter is always in. For a beautifully-scented white display, try our Christmas Lilies.
2. Natural/Woodsy: This trend was hot for fall, and continues through the holiday season. Achieve the look by using natural elements, such as pine, cedar or spruce greens, pinecones, and branches. You can find some here in our Christmas Flowers. Be creative! Go outside and see what you can find.
3. Classic (with a twist): Update the traditional color scheme by using lime green instead of forest, or fuschia instead of red. You can never go wrong with the Christmas classics - including Poinsettias. Try a poinsettia in cream or pink. We've got both.
4. Stick to a theme: To give your décor a pro touch, stick to a few colors only. Jewel-tones make great accent colors.
5. Fresh flower garlands: Freshen up your mainstay garlands by inserting fresh flowers. This is very easy to do - pick your flowers, cut, and insert into plastic water tubes. Tie into garlands.
What have you got planned? Your ideas and suggestions? Tell us in the comments!


Mandy (the twitter lady) said...

Fantastic ideas! We love them!

Vicky Miller said...

Thanks Mandy! Nice to know your name :)

Anonymous said...

I've been looking all over for this!


shabnam yasmin said...

I love flower arrangments to decorate my home.... for ocassion it is must :)