Thursday, July 30, 2009

Are you there Helios? It's me, Montreal...

According to ancient Greek mythology, Helios the sun god was banished into the sky by his uncles, the Titans, where he became the sun. The nymph Clytia, victim of unrequited love, was so heartbroken by his rejection that she sat, unmoving, for nine days facing the Helios. Turned brown and gold by the sun’s rays, she transformed into a sunflower, thus turning her face to follow the sun’s course each day.
For all you other sun worshippers that may be asking themselves if we’ll ever see it this summer, The Flower Pot has exactly what you’re looking for! Inject some sunshine into a special someone’s home by giving them one of our striking bouquets of happy yellow sunflowers. If you prefer a smaller flower, try our gorgeous gerberas in warm hues. These seasonal flowers are sure to warm the heart of a loved one on any occasion. Send them with our new HFM (Happy Face Messenger) and a personalized card. Brighten someone’s day: send them a bouquet of magnificent seasonal sunflowers!