Friday, December 21, 2012

The last blog post

This is it ladies and gentlemen, the final broadcast from The Flower Pot headquarters. We've decided that going out with a bang is preferable to cowering and whimpering so if any of you want to enjoy the warm glow of a beautiful centerpiece when the electricity goes out, ours are still on sale. Simply type SANTA404 when you order online and we'll brave the winter weather to deliver it for you.

If you're wondering what the big deal is with December 21, 2012, you're not the only one. Apparently this is the day the Mayan calendar, and therefore the world, ends. What happened to our trusty Gregorian calendar you say? Who knows. It seems that Maya is the flavour of the month. According to the Mexico Tourism Board, the end-of-the-world hysteria could boost tourism in the area by 8-10% as compared to last year's figures.

Don't hold your breath though folks, because some NASA scientists say that the Mayan calendar is exactly like ours in that you have to replace it when there aren't any days left. Do we panic every year when December 31st comes along? No. We go buy another calendar.

Thankfully, a recent archeological excavation unearthed another Mayan calendar that includes dates much later than today. Those of you who were hoping the doomsday predictions would eliminate the need for Christmas gifts had better get shopping. The Flower Pot has excellent last minute ideas for you, and we'll be open until 4 p.m. on Christmas Eve. 

For the past month we've been giving budget specific gift and decoration suggestions. Here's a little breakdown of what we've got. Remember there's plenty more in the Christmas section of our website, and you can always call us at 514-938-1234 or drop by to talk directly to our florists so they can design exactly what you have in mind.

High rollers should check out our Tasty Christmas basket, the Candlelit Christmas centerpiece, or even Santa's Bear!

Mid-range products include our gorgeous Night Before Christmas arrangement, our Sparkling Christmas ice cider basket, and our Forever Christmas cyclamen plant. The Night Before Christmas arrangement is even on sale! So type SANTA404 when you order it to get 20% off.

Are there any students in the house? These ones are for you: Rockin' Christmas Tree, Holiday Chocolate, and the Lazy-Boy Christmas mug.

 Happy Holidays from The Flower Pot!