Saturday, September 15, 2012

Small Florist Tips for Traffic

The Flower Pot has always been proud to be a small florist serving the local Montreal community and its suburbs. Online business is booming nowadays, and it can be hard to generate foot traffic.

Our florist Astrid had lot's of experience doing just that when she worked in Switzerland. Here are two of her recommendations to make your flower shop a local institution that everyone goes to for their gifts and flowers, just like The Flower Pot.

  • Make sure your window display shows products that people can walk in and buy. Too often, florists create gorgeous and complicated displays in their front windows without showing customers the small things that they can afford on the spot. Showing off skill is good, but creates a barrier between you and your clients' actual needs. Most of the time, people are looking for unique bouquets or other gifts that won't break the bank. In short, make your store and your visible products relevant.

  • Sometimes that special something that a client is looking for just isn't available as a ready-made bouquet. Work with your client's price point and their wishes. At The Flower Pot we invite our customers to the workshop where they can discuss what they need and how much they want to pay with the florist on duty. What they are getting is an experience. They get to talk directly to the designer while she works, and their bouquet comes alive right in front of them so they know that what they are getting is one of a kind. So, make yourself accessible to make loyal clients.

The product pictured here is just one of our great deals available for under $25. We only have a few different products and price points online, but much more when you come in the store, so be sure to visit us.

Don't forget our ongoing orchid sale, which is a great example of making your products relevant! The stunning phalaenopsis orchid plant is featured on our home page as the deal of the moment. Order one and get 25% off by entering the word "orchid" in the space reserved to that effect during the payment process.


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