Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wedding Flowers Part 4: The Wedding Decorations

In planning the flowers for your wedding decorations, make the task more manageable by thinking in two categories: flowers for the ceremony and flowers for the reception.
For a ceremony in a church, consider large arrangements near the altar, podium, or lectern. You may also want smaller floral arrangements or bows to decorate the pews down the aisle or the stair rails at the church’s entrance. A single rose in a vase next to the guest book is always an elegant touch.
For a Jewish wedding, the chuppah can be decorated with greenery and bows, or with elaborate floral arrangements. For an outdoor wedding, whether religious or non-denominational, the bride and groom may choose to exchange vows under a floral archway or canopy.
Some couples prefer to have the wedding reception flowers match those of the ceremony in colour and style. But it’s good to know that there is no hard-and-fast rule to follow here. For example, many couples choose white for the ceremony flowers and decide to brighten up the reception venue with more colourful arrangements.
When preparing for your consultation with the florist, there are a few questions to keep in mind:
  • What kind of party will the reception be? Is it a cocktail party or a formal sit-down dinner with several courses – or perhaps even both?
  • Where is the head table located? Is it a round table or long and rectangular?
  • If a meal is being served, is it buffet style or will food be served at the tables?
  • Will there be a dance floor? What kind of entertainment are you planning for the evening (DJ, live band, etc.)?
Knowing as much as possible about the ceremony and reception will help your florist create a plan that suits your needs and budget that may include:
  • centerpieces for the head table, buffet, and individual tables
  • freestanding arrangements near the head table, entrance, and dance floor (sometimes transported from the ceremony)
  • flowers at the card table
  • single flowers on the back of the covered chairs or napkins, for a touch of luxury
Votive candles are an inexpensive way to bring magic to any venue, but be sure to check if they are permitted by the establishment. Even a small detail – like a simple vase in the restroom – shows that you’ve really thought of everything.