Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Favourite Things about Easter

Bunny-shaped chocolates and daffodils around every corner can only mean one thing ... it’s Easter time! Here are my top five favourite things about this spring holiday:

#5. Easter egg hunts. Sadly, I haven’t done one in years, but I still have fond memories of finding chocolate eggs around the house the following winter because they were so well hidden.

#4. Egg “fights.” Hard boil some eggs, then pass one around to everyone at the table. Tap the tip of your egg against your neighbour’s egg. The strongest egg (i.e., the one that doesn’t crack) wins!

#3. Tulips. By far my favourite flower, tulips are such a beautiful sign that spring has sprung. They’re also a great host gift for Easter dinner.

#2. Chocolate. It always seems a bit morbid to gnaw off a cute bunny’s head, but I admit that the mounds of Easter chocolate are a huge highlight of the holiday.

#1. Easter dinner. My family traditions include the above-mentioned egg fights, loads of home-cooked food, and creative centerpieces for the table.

There’s much more that I love about this holiday, but those are the highlights. What are your family traditions and favourite things for this time of year?