Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Red Alert - Mother's Day this Sunday!!

As one of the resident bloggers/computer nerds here at The Flower Pot, part of my job is to make sure all our readers and clients are reminded of all the different occasions in their lives. Reminders for birthdays, anniversaries... you name it, we'll remember for you. And to be honest, sometimes I find myself getting "over" some occasions after enough exposure to them. I was seeing shamrocks when I closed my eyes in March...

But Mother's Day is different. There's no gimmick to this one - just an official day to appreciate your Mom (which we should all be doing every day, anyway). I admit, I know nothing about what it's like to be a mom - but I know from others who are mothers that this is one tough responsibility. Not to mention one that you take on for the rest of your life. On an individual basis, I think we are all guilty of occasionally taking our Moms for granted. On a larger scale, I think it would be hard to refute that motherhood is undervalued in our success- and money-oriented modern society. As if giving birth isn't hard enough already, modern moms find themselves with major decisions to make about how they should or shouldn't raise their children. In this age, it's about "having it all" - a husband, kids, a career, beautiful home - talk about pressure!

So - given that your Mom works hard at her full-time, unsalaried job; has made huge sacrifices; has fed you, loved you, and shaped you into the person you are; and loves you unconditionally - I cannot think of any person more deserving of their own day to be recognized for their contributions. Don't just wish her a Happy Mother's Day - tell her you love her, and appreciate her. Recognize the hard work she's put in over many years to raise you and your brothers and/or sisters. Sending her flowers is a great start - sending them with a beautiful, heartfelt message is even better. We can include even the longest of messages on our free, custom-made enclosure cards!

Sunday, May 10th, 2009 is the big day, so get to it and let us help you show your Mom some love!