Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Custom Mugs: preparing your photos

Preparing your photos for a mug is an easy task that will allow your mug to look sharper and to have a larger image.

What is DPI?
DPI means dots per inch. It is the number of individual dots that is displayed within the span of one inch. In order to put a photo on a mug, you need to have a DPI of 300.

How do I know what my picture's DPI is?
Nearly all pictures taken directly from a digital camera or scanner have a DPI of 300, or are large enough to shrink into a photo with 300 DPI.

How big should my picture file size be?
Your picture should ideally be over 250KB (jpg). Most cameras will give you files over 1,000KB (1MB), and this is perfect for sending directly to us.

Can I use a picture from a website?
Images from webpages are optimized to be a low size so the webpage loads faster. These pictures will turn out blurry when put on a mug.

A picture submitted from a website turns out
small when put on a mug

The same photo, but submitted directly
from the digital camera or scanner

As a rule of thumb, if you always submit photos directly from your digital camera or scanner, they will turn out nicely on your mug. Make sure you not using a program that automatically resizes the images!

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