Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Eggs In Montreal

Of all the symbols associated with Easter the egg, is the symbol of fertility and new life. And the tradition of using eggs has been associated with Easter for centuries. Different cultures have developed their own ways of decorating their Easter eggs.

The Armenians decorate their hollow eggs with pictures of Christ, the Virgin Mary, and other religious designs.

The Austrians decorate their eggs by first fastening ferns and tiny plants around them. After the eggs have been boiled and the plants have been removed they will reveal a striking white pattern.

The Germans hang their dyed and hollow eggs from shrubs and trees during the Easter Week.

The “Pysanki” egg is a masterpiece of skill and workmanship. Melted beeswax is applied to the freshly boiled egg. It is then dipped into successive baths of dye. After each dip wax is then painted over the area where the preceding color is to remain. Eventually a very complex pattern of lines and colors will be turning the egg into a work of art.

“Boil & paint me an egg for Easter, please”

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