Monday, May 07, 2007

It’s True … Men Love Flowers Too!

I admit that I was skeptical about this fact when I first read about it – do men really love to receive a luscious bouquet of flowers? It had never occurred to me before to send flowers to my father for a special occasion. When the issue resurfaced over a conversation with some of my male friends, I found out that it's completely true … men love flowers too!

It makes sense that “men love to get flowers for the same reason they send them - to be recognized. Everyone likes to feel special.” To find out which occasions are best to send him flowers, try scooping out when he is most likely to send flowers to others. This may be an indication of a time that he would like to receive flowers himself.

According to my male friends, men like to receive flowers with a slightly more masculine touch. Blue roses were noted as a favorite flower for men. Also, “research shows that men prefer vivid colors such as yellow, orange, and red.” If you're unsure, go for a more contemporary arrangement or a flowering green plant.

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