Monday, January 22, 2007

The Lasting Benefits of Flowers

Receiving flowers makes everyone feel special. But did you know that once that initial feeling of appreciation wears off, flowers continue to have a lasting effect? According to a recent study conducted by Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D. of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, being around flowers for as little as a week can actually affect our human behavior.

Etcoff’s study found that people who live with fresh flowers are more likely to have increased feelings of compassion and kindness towards others. Flowers can also reduce feelings of anxiety, and boost energy and enthusiasm in the work place. Etcoff’s study proves that a little flower can go a long way! Discover these effects for yourself with a floral arrangement or bouquet of flowers from The Flower Pot.



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Katie Scott said...

Thanks, Frank! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoy our site!

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I don't know if it was by chance or fate that I read your mail.This is what I truly belive in.I hope there is a way you can give me advice. I have a 2-min. speech in my university on the importance of natural flowers over artificial. I need to be persuasive as well.
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