Friday, November 10, 2006

Eat yourself to good health with chocolates

Whenever I work on any chocolate related content in our website, I get a craving for dark chocolate. So I end up often purchasing a bar of dark chocolate. In fact, I am craving chocolates as I write this paragraph! Imagine my surprise when found out that dark chocolate is in fact a healthy food item? According to two studies in well-known journals, dark chocolate, and only dark chocolate is good for you. It has been shown to lower blood pressure, it contains antioxidants, and it contains compounds called flavoniods that improve the functioning of blood vessels. And for you, my dear reader, I suggest you visit our chocolates section. We recently began carrying a great selection of Quebec dark chocolates made by our Chocolatier Chocolats Privilège and also small box of Belgian chocolates that contain dark chocolates. The Quebec dark chocolates come in at least three varieties. Visit our chocolates section to find out more. And, for about the benefits of dark chocolate, read these two articles from WebMD.


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