Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Choosing the Right Corsage for Your Dress

Ah, Grad season...

Soon, limousines will roll up on every neighborhood curb, ready to take giddy (or over-it) teens to their party destinations, providing neighbors with every chance to ogle the dress, the date, the shoes, the flowers...
Hold up! You don't have flowers? Corsages are "cheesy"?! Girl, flowers are essential - and I will help you pick the perfect corsage to go with your dress. Just pick out your look below and let us do the rest.
The Look: Vintage/Retro/Hippie Chic
You bought your dress at: Sally Ann, Value Village, a friperie, your mom's (or grandmother's) closet, a consignment boutique
Your date: Michael Cera
Your flowers: Eryngium (thistle flower); waxflower; caspia; seeded eucalyptus

The Look: Girly/Romantic
Your dress: Betsey Johnson, pink, ruffles, bows, tulle, sparkles, pretty!
Your date: Robert Pattinson
Your flowers: Delicate spray roses or tea roses in any shade of pink; frilly mini carnations; pittosporum

The Look: 50s Bombshell
Your dress: Body-conscious, plunging neckline, bejeweled, worthy of Marilyn herself
Your date: Zac Efron
Your flowers: Single red rose, for maximum drama; feminine freesias for an intoxicating scent

The Look: High-Fashion
Your dress: Couture, expensive, breathtaking, absolutely one-of-a-kind, dramatic
Your date: Ed Westwick
Your flowers: Elegant calla lilies; cymbidium orchids; or a single white rose