Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What is the Floragramme?

Unlike other florists, we have always offered our customers a full-size, folded greeting card - in lieu of those pesky little "business cards" that you can only fit a few words on. We call our card the Floragramme, and it is (and always has been) free with every order. We custom-print each card with an image fitting the occasion and your message inside.

Now, we're going a step further. We'd like to offer you the choice of including your own personalized photo right inside the card. Just like our custom printed mugs, canvases, and t-shirts, you can WOW them with your gift.
How happy would Grandma be to see your smiling face right next to her birthday wishes? An old picture of you & your wife in your anniversary card is sure to cause a tear to drop. Add a picture, and voilà - a once-forgettable object becomes a keepsake forever. Ask us how you can upgrade to a personalized photo card on your next order.